Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tupper's self-referential formula

Can't remember where I first came across this equation but the Tupper's self referential equation, is a very interesting formula that when graphed in two dimension plane it reproduces the formula.

\[ \frac{1}{2} < \left\lfloor \bmod\left(\left\lfloor\frac{y}{17}\right\rfloor2^{-17\lfloor x\rfloor - \bmod(\lfloor y \rfloor, 17)}, 2\right)\right\rfloor \]

I first thought this would be a quick 5 min exercise which turned into a 3 hour work, the obstacle was that the constant “k” used in the formula is an extremely big integer and can not be handled in R naturally.

After a little search Large integer in R and play around it seems that the gmp library seems to work well.

First you will need to install GMP (The GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library) from, then install the gmp library within R.

## Load the library after installing GMP

## Define the constant k
k = as.bigz("960939379918958884971672962127852754715004339660129306651505519271702802395266424689642842174350718121267153782770623355993237280874144307891325963941337723487857735749823926629715517173716995165232890538221612403238855866184013235585136048828693337902491454229288667081096184496091705183454067827731551705405381627380967602565625016981482083418783163849115590225610003652351370343874461848378737238198224849863465033159410054974700593138339226497249461751545728366702369745461014655997933798537483143786841806593422227898388722980000748404719")

## The tupper's formula
tupper = function(x, y, k){
  z1 = as.bigz(y + k)
  z2 = as.bigq(z1/17)
  z3 = 2^(-17 * x - as.bigz(z1%%17))
  0.5 < floor(as.bigz(z2 * z3)%%2)

## The x and y axis
x = 0:105
y = 0:16

## Compute the matrix
a = matrix(0, nc = length(x), nr = length(y))
for(i in seq_along(x)){
  a[ ,107 - i] = rev(tupper(x[i], y, k = k))

Here is the plot

image(t(a), col = c("white", "black"))

plot of chunk unnamed-chunk-2

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