Monday, February 11, 2013

R package building automation

Title: R package building automation

Inspired by the post at I have decided to publish my cheat script for package development as well.

Building package used to be a nightmare, filling in all those Rd files manually can cause some serious brain damage. Thanks to the roxygen2 team and knitr, building a package with nice documentation is merely running a script like what I have below. Just modify and change pkgName to the name of your package then your package should be ready in 5 minute.

## Build the package
## ---------------------------------------------------------------------

## Remove the folder if it exists
    unlink("pkgName", recursive = TRUE)

## Build the package
package.skeleton("pkgName", code_files = paste("./Codes/",
                           dir("./Codes/", pattern = "\\.R$"), sep = ""),
                 force = TRUE)

## Include the data
file.copy(from = "./FAOcountryProfile.RData",
          to = "pkgName/data/", overwrite = TRUE)
file.copy(from = "./FAOregionProfile.RData",
          to = "pkgName/data/", overwrite = TRUE)
file.copy(from = "./FAOmetaTable.RData",
          to = "pkgName/data/", overwrite = TRUE)
file.copy(from = "./DESCRIPTION", to = "pkgName/",
          overwrite = TRUE)

## Include Demo
file.copy(from = "./pkgNamedemo.R",
          to = "pkgName/demo/", overwrite = TRUE)
cat("pkgNamedemo Demonstration for the pkgName package\n",
    file = "pkgName/demo/00Index")

## Use roxygen to build the documentation

## Include vignette
file.copy(from = "../Documentation/pkgName/pkgName.pdf",
          to = "./pkgName/inst/doc/", overwrite = TRUE)

## Create the vignette hack from (
## This is not required for R 3.0.0
cat("%\\VignetteIndexEntry{General Manual}\n\\documentclass{article}\n\\begin{document}\n\\end{document}", file = "./pkgName/inst/doc/pkgName.Rnw")

## Build and check the package
system("R CMD INSTALL --build pkgName")
system("R CMD build pkgName")
system("Rcmd check pkgName")
system("Rcmd check --as-cran pkgName")

PS: This is my first post using Rmd, the highlight for R is defintely much better than plain text. However, I think some twick is required for my blog theme.

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