Saturday, September 29, 2012

my Facebook social network

I got very excited on making a network diagram of my Facebook network using Ghefi ( and submitted my first assignment for the Social Network Analysis course on It's middle of the night, so I will keep the post short and update more details tomorrow.

This is my Facebook social network, after spending 12 years in New Zealand you can see how small my network is and how tightly knitted they are! The larger and darker the nodes are the more mutual friends they share with me.

You can see major clusters from the diagram, the top left major cluster are my statistic geeks, the middle cluster are the people I hang out whether drinking, went to university together etc and the lower cluster are my college friends.

Then there is three small cluster as well, at the far right top are my family and relatives and close to it are my intermediate friends from Taiwan and since some of whom are my brother's friend they are loosely connected to my family. Finally, there is the small cluster in the lower right which are my colleagues and friends from Rome!

Enrol in the course, and you can create and understand you Facebook friend ships.

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